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 Zimbabwean afro- surrealist and afrofuturist artist, investigates the themes of African and Greek mythology, enabling viewers to envision new realities and conceptualize a transcendent future. Best known for producing surrealist digital collages with music and animation, intertwining mythological tales and historical references to render mystical dreamscapes, Vintagemozart reifies an immersive experience and the evocative power of digital art.

Abieyuwa is a Nigerian-American multidisciplinary artist and curator, who makes work that focuses on her experience as a young Black woman in today’s society. Abieyuwa works with a variety of tools and began minting NFTs in February of 2021. She recently curated the “Paradise” exhibition, an exhibition featuring 22 Black women in celebration of Women’s History Month. She is a member of HerstoryDAO, Cyberbaat DAO, FWB, and part of the core team for the African NFT Community.
Melisa (Mel) is a Jamaican-born poet/writer exploring connections between the natural, physical, and spiritual worlds. Her work has been published across blockchains and has been featured in various exhibitions such as STRATOSPHERE 2021, Paradise 2022, Blade’s NFT ART GALA 2022 et al. Mel is also a founding member of Protein DAO and a core facilitator in the African NFT Community. Her work in web3 is driven towards “championing communal liberation across the intersections of culture, creativity (NFTs), and organization (DAOs).
Koko (Kokky Tau)​​​​​​​

Koko (Kokky Tau) is a multidisciplinary artist who uses mixed media and virtual reality to create immersive experiences for her art. Her goal with this endeavor is been the world of digital art, AR, VR, and Ai to create art that blurs the lines between the physical and meta-physical worlds. Web 3 offers a world of opportunity to extend the creativity of the human mind to heights that we can only dream of. Her aim with her art is to evolve her heritage and stories into something that can be experienced in the Metaverse.

Nygilia, aka fantasyfuturegyal, is a mixed-media artist that creates new worlds using fantasy and abstract styles. Her work is inspired by the combination of African and Asian cultures, developing experimental techniques for visual storytelling. Her art has been featured in exhibitions like Art Basel for Roc Nation and Playboy. She also has experience in creative concept and brand strategy, working for clients such as NBA, Soap & Glory, Robinhood, and MAC Cosmetics.

GlitchOfMind is a Photographer and 3D Afrosurrealist artist from the Dominican Republic based in the Netherlands. Glitch creates artworks that focus on themes of self-exploration using his identity & experiences as a catalyst for his imaginary worlds. His work is created by compositing his photographs, 3D and animation. His work has been exhibited in Amsterdam, STRATOSPHERE Beijing 2021, Bringing Worlds in LA, USA 2021, Sonsbeek x The BlackArchives 2021, OBA Amsterdam Zwarte Beweging and others.
Ayesha Kazim

Ayesha Kazim (b. 1999) is a photographer and digital collage artist working between New York City, Cape Town, and London. Within her creative practice, she utilizes analog and digital mediums to capture the intimate, transient moments of everyday life. Her multicultural background as a Nigerian-South African living abroad influences her desire to create compelling portraits that speak to a wide range of audiences and communities. Ayesha’s inspiration and art-making practice is rooted in introspection and outward curiosity for the world, often materializing itself in the photographing of subjects that exude resilience, power, and a humbling sense of confidence.
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